Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Pain does not discriminate

Been so focused and bike geeked out lately: breaking down one frame and parting it out for sale, moving parts over from one to another, transforming one from scrounged parts, overhauling BBs, overhauling forks, and on and on to infinitum. I've been forgetting about what got me back into this stuff.

Got on the trainer this morning, trying to remember how to go hard. Found the grimace. That face that you hope doesn't stay permanent after you're done. It wasn't a great workout, but at least I was getting close to recalling what it felt like to push.

Pain does not play favorites. It is going to hurt regardless of what bike you ride, how much it costs, or whatever cool parts you've got on it. Gotta remember that when I get so focused on other things.

I am hoping to hold this motivation for a few days before I've got to travel and be sedentary for a few days.


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