Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Little things make a difference

Amazing how tiny little changes on the bike can make a difference. My reach set screws on my brake levers have been backing out slightly over the past few weeks, and I keep forgetting to reset them. I tend to bad finger brake with the index finger resting on the lever, or full two finger brake when needed and like the lever to rest right in the crook of the middle finger.

With the reach screw backing out the lever was just slightly out of reach and it was screwing me up on the downhill.

That and my fork is acting up a little. The SPV valve is sticky and it makes it harder to activate the fork. Throws off the timing for loading and then lofting the front wheel. Been tinkering with it
and have 2005 Evolve valve in the mail. Full write up and comparison on some different SPV configurations to follow.


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