Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Even superman gets the muscle cramps

Saw this over at JK's sight.
Chris E. race report

Man, if HE can get muscle cramps I don't feel so bad anymore. I still get so confused over the issues related to cramping. Not enough water. Too much water. Dehydration, Hyponatria. I guess there is reason that there is no definitive answer for muscle cramps.

I'm waiting on some ELETE samples to test out, based on Jeff Kerkove's assesment of them they might be a magic bullet. I've tried Endurolytes a lot and they didn't totally stop the cramping. But since electrolyte imbalance has been linked to muscle cramps they can't hurt. So the ELETE probably isn't going to be a negative either. I like the fact that is is liquid form and will mix right into the water. Endurolytes did not mix very well, and trying to take the pills during a race was hard.

On the end of a recovery cycle than going on a trip to Douthat with the family. Next week will try another cramp ride too see if I've got the guts to suffer into transcendence as Bob Roll and Sue Haywood say.


At 5:11 AM, Blogger M.Shawn said...

Drinking water at least 8 glasses a day and stretching exercises regularly, especially before going to bed. are good help to prevent muscle cramps. These are tried and tested. Maybe you should add this on your list.

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