Monday, June 06, 2005


Built up the hardtail into a rigid rocket. Took out the Stan's No Tubes and put tubes back in the tires and pumped them up to 50psi. Something about riding a mountain bike on the road with the tires pumped up. I was flying. Maybe it was a Feeling fast vs being fast kind of thing. But it was a ton of fun commuting home today.

I'm just a flat/riser bar kind of guy. Still love my road bike, but for boot scooting around town, commuting, hopping curbs, even took some back roads in and just had a ball. One of my favorite things on group mtn bikes long ago was pacelining on the road on the mountain bikes when we had to hit the asphalt to get to the next trail.

But was just in the garage. and What do you know flat tire on the front. First flat I can recall in a LONG time.


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