Sunday, June 05, 2005

Kick A** birthday

It was my birthday yesterday. 37years old. I don't feel old. Like David Lee Roth said in Hot for Teacher, "I don't feel tardy"

My wonderful wife got a cabin for 2 days at Douthat State Park. Usually they only rent for a full week but there were some cancellations and we got it for the weekend. It rocked. Had a screened in porch, cinder block structure. Blocked a lot of noise which was nice, as we had some colorful neighbors. The south-west-virginia Hip Hop connection was staying down the road with some booming bass and some screaming fests in the road.

Here is my trusty steed guarding the door at night. This will be the last you see of it in this setup. It's going to a rigid 1 or 2x8 setup starting tonight.

Never quite understood the southern-hip-hop-connection. I wonder if it is a similar phenomena to the Rock-Wrestling connection of the 80's with Cindy Lauper and Captain Lou Alabano and Rowdy Roddy Piper. Mind you, I'm not judging, I'm just making fun. I was all caught up in the rock-wrestling connection back then too. I loved and hated Rowdy Roddy Piper at the same time.

Douthat is such an awesome place. I rode Fri for 1:30 and Sat for 2:30. Did some trails I'd never done before and some others that I've only done one direction. The trails were a little wet and the rocks/roots were slippery so I didn't pull and technical marvels as getting hurt out there bymyself was not high on my list.

Douthat Lake has a little beach that we hit. How many places can you go ride to the top of a mountain and then later go to the beach.

Did some hiking and tried to teach my wife and son how to skip rocks. Started to throw out my arm which I finished off later on Sunday trying to start my crapped out weed eater.

Here is that suspension bridge that we had to carry our bikes over in that race I cramped in. Gee which one do you mean, you cramp in them all.

No wonder I have shoulder problems

At the beach we rented a paddle boat and toured the lake. Those things are hella hard to steer. To an observer we looked like we just spilt a 6pack zig zagging down the road. Next time I am going to rent one of these

we saw one dude on one, He was hauling. Swap out pedals for some SPDs and get a decent seat and we are talking serious knots here.


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