Friday, June 03, 2005

Fleeting motivation

Having a hard time motivating. Not even an issue about time. Had time yesterday mornnig for a trainer ride (raining) but just couldn't motivate. It takes a lot to get into the mode to work hard. A conundrum for a time challenged athlete. Got time but no motivation. Is that worse than no time but lots of motivation?

What happened to that burning fire I had earlier this year. With no races and lots of little things on the mind it can be hard. Recovery weeks also can mentally take a toll on motivation. Each day of easy or no riding builds upon the next for negative momentum, but you gotta have the easy weeks to offset the hard work.

Oh well, things will settle down a little and I'll have a new bike setup which will add to the motivation.

Just started reading 23days in July about Lance's last tour. Just in the first few pages it is so apparent the ultra focus and motivation he's got. He might not be my favorite person and say what you want about him, but his burning focus and desire is an inspiration to push harder.

Hats off to all you amateur and pro alike who can stay focused and motivated day in and day out.


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