Monday, March 23, 2009

Iron Horse out of business

I've been off the forums for awhile now being so busy with other endeavors. But I jumped on for a little bit to just troll around and was surpised to see this little tidbit over at the Iron Horse Forum at mtbr.

How it ended.

Oh well, as a truly destination brand they really ended when DW pulled his licensing from them. Those few years with the Hollowpoint and their Sunday downhill bike and of course my adored Azure really put them on the map. The combination of remarkable suspension platform with made in Taiwan prices made those bikes some serious value leaders.

It is sad about the MKIII cracking issues, as I've seen a few post their problems with cracked welds. I've been beating my Azure hard for awhile now and I doubt I could break it w/o some sort of quality control issue underlying.

Who you gonna call nowfor DW link, Turner, Pivot, IF, Ibis. At $2395 retail for a Turner Flux, frame alone...doubtful. Giant seems to be a good value leader now, as does Marin, in terms of suspension technology for the money.


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