Saturday, March 21, 2009


Spring supposedly had sprung, but it sure feels cold right now. According to my plan the time has come for 3 weeks of endurance based riding. A key in the Morris plan is to also include some power based work within the endurance.

His plan suggests doing sprints first then a long ride. The next day a long ride and ending with Muscle Endurance (ME) low cadence/high gear work.

I can never pull this off. If I'm in long ride mode I'm in long ride mode and never really do the sprints. But I will do big gear work on hills and some flats. If I only have time for a trainer ride then I'll do the sprints.

Sprints are the hardest thing for me. I just feel like utter crap when I do them and during the workout they seem worthless. It's not till weeks later when I'll be on ride and can just spin up the cadence and just rocket forward. I don't race the road and rarely have need for a true sprint, but the paybacks are huge for off road riding in technical sections, where you can keep the same gear and spin up cadence and blow through a rock garden like nobodies business.

Work is chaotic right now, and I'm falling behind and just treading water in my class. But if I can just burn some vacation time and get a few long rides in over the next 2-3 weeks then I'll be all set to jump into the Interval training, which is hard as anything, and takes incredible mental discipline and motivation but is very time efficient.

I've noticed issues with my blood sugar again on these long rides. I've been off the Paleo Diet 4 Athletes a little, and maybe need to get back on track.


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