Friday, January 05, 2007

strength done moving onto power phase

Finished the last strength workout today.
sets of 5,4,3,2. Though I didn' do the set of 2 on squat. I'm just not that experienced at lifting heavy on squats, and I just picture my whole body exploding. Though with leg press I did do them all.

There was actually one more workout in the strength period but I'm bagging it and moving onto the power phase. Power uses very light weights performed at very high speeds. With squat you basically jump off the ground. It's kinda fun.

It's only squats and hamstring curls. So it goes pretty fast. Just 2 workouts per week. The other days include sprint intervals and easy riding.

In the past, I've skimped on the sprints. But I now understand their importance in the grand scheme of things. Leadout intervals will come later in the year and they are one of the most important workouts in my arsenal. They are so applicable to mountain bike racing.

The next hurdle will be endurance phase. The biggest challenge is time and weather.

My goal is to get a few 3.5-4hr rides in. Also I'll incorporate some sprints at the beginning of some rides, and on other rides finish with Muscle Endurance intervals on some hills. The potential for bad/cold weather is always a black cloud over this phase. My plan only calls for 3weeks of endurance which is nothing compared to those guys that do 3 months of this stuff. But one winter storm would pretty much cut my endurance and force me into the next phases.

Next year I swear I'm not going to do this to myself. I'll skip some later year races, or just do them for fun and start the whole plan several months earlier in order to place the endurance phase in November/early December. When I think about thought, we did some good rides in November/December. So I guess they can count towards my endurance phase.

I will also not do the 2 cycle hypertrophy/strength again. It just didn't work out this year and took way to long due to conflicts and riding for fun. Next year will be a wham bam 3 weeks tranistion (to be started while still in season) 2wks hypertrophy, 2 wks strength (with some riding), 2 wks power (with some riding).

The whole strength program is debatable but I will stick with it. Several reasons:
1) By October I need the break

2) cycling is a non-weight bearing sport, I am small framed to begin with and am lactose intolerant so my calcium intake can be low. The strength training is important to me for overall health and bone density. The squats and stiff legged dead lift provide payback through out the rest of the year for core stability on the bike.

3) I think it is still working for me. Another 3 or 4 years then the returns might be diminishing.


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