Saturday, December 31, 2005

An integrated plan

I was reading a fellow mtn bike racer's BLOG and he had gotten the Morris strength template from me. He did 2 hypetrophy workouts and then decided to bag it due to soreness and time taken away from riding. Which is fine, everyone has their own needs when it comes to training.

But I also read that he was looking at a Charmicael or a Friel training plan too for after strength work. And it struck me to emphasize a very important point with regards to the Morris Strength training plan.

It is but one part of an integrated plan. A lot of people want to try strength training out, and with the book and my template it's an easy one to follow. But then they don't follow the rest of his plan and do another training program.

The thing is, this strength plan is designed as a part of a whole program, and it creates a foundation that is then built upon with the subsequent phases. And if you just pull out the strength part alone, you lose a lot of how it is designed to work.

Strength training is a hot topic of debate. And there is data to show that it is not the best thing for cycling training, like this article. But part of their arguement seems to lie in looking at the strength training alone and isolated away from how it is integrated into the entire periodized plan.

Anyway just wanted to point that out. That if you are going to use the template I made to do strength training that it is really important to make sure that it is tied into a well designed periodized plan and that you aren't just doing it willy nilly.


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