Tuesday, December 27, 2005

hanging out

Down here in crazy Myrtle Beach at my parents new digs. This place is something else. An amazing testament to the American way. Kitch up the wazoo, crazy locals, crazy tourists, more food than you can imagine, multi million dollar homes, a beach and more full size cranes for high rise construction than I have ever seen in one place. And it is the off season, Summer must be something else around here.

We are glad we don't live here but man are we glad to have fun place to visit. We went to the kitchyiest of kitch shows when we first got here, the Dixie Stampede and while the over the top gluttony was nauseating I'll admit that we had a good time. Next time we come it's the Medieval Knight show for sure.

I've gotten out on the bike a few times. Road bike was still in pieces so I brought the hardtail. Riding around here has been an adventure. Morning is definitely best, and this time of year much better than later on from a traffic perspective. 3 kinds of drivers down here. Old people, tourists, and locals, and none of them drive well at all.

Ocean Blvd. isn't too bad early in the morning. I found some dedicated bicycle paths, and a few less crowded roads. It seems the best cycling is to get way out of town towards Conway. But I haven't done that yet. Next time we come I'm going to try and get out on some group rides with the locals.

I've also been lifting too. Got one more day of Strength left and then on to power. Did my last heavy day today. 545 x 2 reps on the leg press. 6 plates a side + a 5

It's super flat out here, but doesn't matter cause the tiniest hill or overpass hurts my legs. Gotta keep remembering patience and to stick to the plan cause every year it seems to work out when it matters.

Can't wait to get home even if it is cold there. I'm a home body. 5 days away seems to be my limit.


At 8:18 PM, Anonymous Graham said...

Ahhhh...Myrtle Beach - the redneck riviera! Have fun!

At 9:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Impressive leg press power! Nice work! Alan


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