Saturday, December 31, 2005

Should have gone on the road bike

Road bike wasn't finished and I was dying for some single track. But the snow/ice of the past few weeks was either still there or the ground was soaked through, neither made for enjoyable conditions.

Combine that with dead legs from the last lifting session, and it wasn't as fun as I was hoping for. My timing/skills were totally off too.

Sometimes it is better to stay off the mountain bike. Out on Brush mountain ANY ride becomes hard based on the terrain and conditions. You just can't do anything easy or recover out there. And mentally it isn't the best confidence boost to roll it on an easy section, or bug out on a downhill when you've been taking skills classes and practicing.

But any ride can be considered a good ride, eh? Whad a country! That's what I say when it all comes down to the simple fact that we CAN ride bikes. What neat inventions.

Happy New year.

Cool things to come next year
-Press release coming on a cool thing.
-I've got more PRQ's coming. More with an endurance bias since they seem a lot easier to get a hold of lately. But I'll keep at it.
-Some winter clothing shootouts-tights, base layers, gloves, footwear items
-And constant chatter on the training front.


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