Saturday, December 31, 2005

Revised review of Jtek Engineering Shiftmate

I did an initial review of the Jtek Shiftmate

My shifters were shot so I couldn't really comment finally on the shifting performance. Finally got around to getting my shifters back after a rebuild and putting them back on.

Shifting is really nice. The springs are brand new in the shifters so it 'feels' a little harder to engage the shift but that is because I'd been riding on worn out shifters for a long time. But it shifts up and down the cogset a lot nicer than it used it. Positive feeling, unlike my previous feeling of waiting for a misshift.

The shifts and sounds are chunky. I've not had much experience with a full new Shimano or Campy drivetrain but I imagine that they are smoother feeling and sounding. But a lot of people prefer the chunky shifting of older drivetrains as well.

The pulleys on the rear derailleur were totally shot. This caused the chain to catch when backpedaling. I replaced them and all is well


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