Thursday, January 07, 2010

First time on the trainer

Back it it. Well sort of. I've been crazy busy with school and work and family, and blogging has gone by the way side. I have missed it, and while I'm in the short time period before classes start up again, I figured I'd post a few updates.

For the past year, I've gotten out of formalized training for cycling. If you've been following the BLOG for a time, you know that I had utilized a great plan that fit within my busy life of family, jobs, and other commitments. It worked realy well, and on a realizable amount of time, I could ride well enough to have fun and be competitive.

However, the last years I had more added to my plate, and just couldn't deal, as my approach tends towards the obsessive compulsive end so racing went by the wayside. Recently, I started working out at a local Crossfit Gym Twice a week. And while the weathe was decent, I'd get out on the bike for some short rides once or twice a week. The cross fit is great. I get to the 6am class M/W which is really hard, but nice to get it out of the way, otherwise I know something would come up and it I'd miss.

The format works realy well with my needs and personality. 1/2 time we do with functional movements, and strength training. All core movements like squats, presses and full body olympic style movements. The second half is more aerobic/anaerobic workouts that include huge variety. Box jumps, pushups, pull ups, jumping rope, runnung, medicine balls, etc. Typically, combinations of set/reps with time on and time off. HIGH intensity.

I also like working out with the small group of people and the trainer. You get a morale boost from sharing misery with a touch of competitiveness. And every one there is empowering. Why, cause we are all just regular people. Moms, dads, jobs, normal genetics. Getting our asses out of bed and killing it. Regular people doing extraordinary things, like cleaning weight off the floor to overhead, or setting PRs on squat and working hard.

Riding had still be going relatively well, just 1hr rides here there. Getting by on good technique. This winter weather we've had has just killed any riding. I finally got pshyched enough to get back onto the trainer for the first time in over a year I'd say. Right into SmSp Morris intervals. I was actually excited and motivated to get on there.

Just doing 2 days a week crossfit and then nothing else wasn't cutting it. The intervals, at least the first two days of them went relatively well. Power was ok, not like it was years ago, but doable And the high intensity of the crossfit has helped with just general tolerance of the uncomfortable feeling associated with high intensity of short intervals.

So for now my plan is to continue with crossfit 2x a week, then fill in a few days with my old training plan from Morris and just follow it checking one day at a time. What I've removed from the equation is the endurace phase that included a few 3-4 hour low intensity rides, and I've removed the entire Morris Strength training.

The xfit does a lot of the stength training part, but the Morris one was specific to cycling and periodized specifically to tie into the rest of the training program for racing in spring.

As soon as this freeze leaves us I'd like to get outside on the bike provided my toes can handle it.


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