Thursday, July 23, 2009

body workout

I realized after the last race that the only way to train for technical mountain biking is to mountain bike on technical terrain. For fitness the road bike comes in very handy as does the trainer, but there is no subsitute for creating that full body fatigue that accompanies technical riding.

I decided to get the hardtail going again. One reason is it's just fun, but the other is that it will beat me up more especially on the terrain we have out here at Brush mountain. If I had to choose just one off road bike I would go with my short travel dually (Azure). But my thought process is that by riding the hardtail a little bit more off road, I can incorporate just body fatigue training as well as fitness. 1hr off road on the hardtail may be equivilant to 1.5hrs on the dually from a body pounding point of view.


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