Wednesday, July 22, 2009

dissed in ebay

Ebay sure seems to be going downhill lately.

Got some XO shifters for the hardtail as well as an XTR front der. The front shifter was shot on the XO and the front derailleur was mis advertised. I wanted a top pull and it was a bottom pull.

The front der. refunded my money but the XO lister was a pain. I'd already left the good feedback upon delivery but hadn't gotten around to installing it till the other day. Oh well learned my lesson.

but I did just score some Stans Olympic rims to build up a new light wheelset from some soon to find I hope hubs.


At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Cory said...

Hey Ashwin,

I just built up some Olympics laced to Hope IIs. Cheapest price I found was the Chain Reaction Cycles in the UK.

I went with DT Comps and the build weight (with tape) was 1600g on the button. I run a 20mm front hub too.

A light guy like you could run Aerolites or equiv and drop another 100g.

Good luck on the build!

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