Monday, April 13, 2009

Back on the trainer

We did a family trip up to Upstate NY this Easter. The weather was a little cold and I didn't feel like packing up all my associated gear. It was nice opportunity to actually bring the trainer though and get a little bit of a workout in order to justify the extra holiday food.

I haven't done structured intervals for some time now. I'm trying to follow a full Morris interval program in order to stay sometwhat in shape. A structured plan is helpful when life is so busy that it is too easy to just say forget about it. These intervals can be hard but are very time efficient.

I actually set my power level pretty conservative on these first ones. One reason was to just successfully complete the entire workout, rather than burn out and have to bag the last ones. The first few intervals are always hard and there is a point about 2 weeks in where the supercompensation starts to take affect and I can up the power settings at least 10W.

We'll see how long the plan lasts but at least for the last few days it went well. If the weather is nice, I will probably opt for a lunch ride on some steep hills, either way it'll help to maintain some fitness.


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