Thursday, July 23, 2009

wierd aches/pains

Not sure what is going on with my leg but I've got some wierd aches on the inside side of my leg near my knee. I'll be sitting down on a chair working or eating, and then when I get up I'll limp on my right leg. A few times it's been weak enough to almost give out, but then after a few steps it's virtually gone.

I've been getting the hardtail setup and something is wrong with the saddle position, cause after a ride today I really had some pain in my hips and this spot on the inside leg near the knee.

I'm going to spend some time trying to get the dually and HT to match. the dually has a 22.5 Effective Top Tube with a 70mm stem. Both of them have the same seat tube angle so their saddle should be placed in the same place in order to place my knee in the same position above the BB.

The HT has an ETT of 22.3. 22.5-22.3=0.2 inches--> 5mm. So I'm going to go for a 75mm stem on it. Right now I've got a 70mm and it does just feel too short. I always seem to be pushing myself back on the saddle. With the saddles in the same place, and with a slightly longer stem on the HT the reach from the saddle to the bar should be the same.

I've noticed on the dually, that my saddle has been slipping inside my seatpost. When I notice it and put it back to where it belongs I do pedal noticeably better, but then I also get much more tenderness in my hips (piriformis). Today on the HT, my hips were just on fire.

Oh how I love my trigger point massage ball! Man that things works great on deep into the hips.


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