Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Jumping on to the crossfit wagon for a little while.

My riding is going well, about two days of high intensity then every now and then some good hard rides. But haven't been lifting and my body is just collapsing. Core/upperbody.

I tried to get to the university gym to do some dead lifts, upperbody, but could just never put it together. Decided to change around my whole schedule and go to a 6am crossfit class 2x a week. I've made it to a consultation and one class so far. Got my neighbor to go with me to motivate me.

All I can say is it's hard. And it will be good. The intensity is so hard it's like sprinting on the bike for 20 mins. Just like there is no way I can train by myself as hard as I race, there is no way I'd ever train like this without others around and the trainer yelling.

I like it for a # of reasons.
1) i don't have to think, just go and do what they tell you
2) it's all functional movements and requires complex movements that utilize several muscle groups which requires timing and neurological development. Just like mountain biking
3) it's done in an hour or less
4) it's high intensity (puke intensity)
5) there is camraderie (misery loves company) and light competition.

It's hard, there is potential for carnage/injury and puking. We'll see how long I last, and how long my schedule of getting up at 5:30am lasts and whether I can get to sleep early enough regularly. Especially with classes starting up again.


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