Tuesday, September 18, 2007

nite ride wake up call

I went on a nite ride for the first time in a year last night. After a hard day at work and then an utterly exhausting hour coaching 1st grade soccer no less. Coaching first grade soccer is not something to take lightly. Games are actually excitingly fun, but the practices are agony.

I actually sat down on strike on the grass. Until the kids were ready to listen and practice. This move took them off guard but the calm only lasted miliseconds.

We started riding around 8:45pm. I was already falling asleep by then. But strapping on the lights and heading off into the dark does something to you. My helmet has to be strapped so tight in order ot keep my headlight on that it gives me headache and makes me lightheaded.

All you can see it the light beams from your lights. Get a headlamp if anything so you can look around corners, and then you've got the shadows created by the riders behind you.

We were not out for stroll in the park. None of us wanted to hang out and the riding was done at pretty high intensity. Oftentimes going as fast as the lights would allow. There is a tenseness in the body during this kind of ride. Hyper focus on the headbeam and tight grips leads to some stiff riding. And also loss of bearings At one point we'd turned onto a new trail and I didn't even realize it.

We rode a little less than an hour, which I think is just about right. Enough to have scared yourself plenty, but not enough to tempt fate for that mechanical out in the dark with your batteries dying, and the yeti coming down to feed.

Fun time, though it's time intensive to setup, charge batteries, mount your lights, etc.... but fun nonetheless.


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