Sunday, September 02, 2007

Another Poor mtn recon

Went back to Poor mountain today.

Getting better. Another two minute off the time from two weeks ago:

14:37:76 from the start to the start of dirt
33:41:50 to the right turn
9:58:19 to the top.
For a total of 58:17:45

Felt good but still questioning how I did a 56 last year. Maybe with the draft at the beginning and the faster terrain.

The last splits were:
for a total of 1:00:30

So I was slower at the start which makes sense because last time I was drafting off Chris and over did it trying to keep up with him.
Faster on the bulk part of the road
and also faster on the last section. Which is a little surprising because I felt just as bad today as last time.

changes from last time:
-new rear tire, little less tire pressure = much better traction

-had moved saddle up on the rails. Last setting was too far back. Split the difference and set 5mm forward. Much better. Easier to keep leg momentum

-Used light front wheel

-Took 5 sport legs at -8-10 minutes from start

-Temperatures were 20 degrees less

-rain has helped pack down the new filled in sections making them much faster

Changes planned for next time
-put lighter pedals on
-pump up SPV in front fork
-maybe put a 9speed cassette on. Have an 8 speed on there now.
-Take sport legs at -50 minutes.

The climb went real well today. After yesterdays workout thought I'd be blown but felt decent so I must be on a training upswing. The terrain has gotten much faster since the last two times I've been. Much more packed down. I also tried to hold back a little at the start and just stay steady state and save a little juice. At a few rough sections I grabbed a gear and increased cadence and was able to hold momentum through them. I'd go back to an easier gear.

A few times I wasn't able to find just the right gear. I think a 9 speed helps with that by giving more closer dispersion of the gearing making small changes easier. I was bouncing between the middle/small a few times and would rather have been able to stay middle until the end.

The last section of this climb is other wordly. In fact this is like two separate rides. After the right turn I just almost come to a grinding halt. The steepness combined with the braking bumps and the deeper gravel just creates a will sapping monster. It is also more open to the sun and is just an oven compared to the rest of the course. The line of sight is long and straight which really hits your motivation hard.

The key for me is to just get through it. Keep going and just move forward. Today I did notice a distinct point where I was able to start getting the spin back and able to pedal through it. Last time it didn't get any better until the very end.
*** This point occured at about +55 minutes into it. I can't help but think the Sport legs were kicking in here as last time I felt no noticeable let off in the at this point in the climb.

If I've got any advice for someone coming out here who hasn't done it before. Save a little bit of gas for this last section, as it is going to make or break your final time. And do not..DO NOT get all excited when you go through the right turn because of the people cheering. You are NOT done, not even close. And getting a few hard pedal strokes for the crowd right here hurt me last year.

For those who have done the Mountains of Misery road century, this section is equivalant to the last 1.5 miles of this century. You can literally lose 40minutes to 1hr in this section. Yeah, just 1mile long but it can reduce you to crawling at 1mph or less. This last section of Poor mountain can bring you to a walking pace.


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