Tuesday, August 21, 2007

hardtail compared to FS on poor mountain

Ran poor mountain with Chris. Tried the hardtail out. Much faster on the road sections but this was most probably due to drafting and going over my limit to stay with Chris.

Definitely blew up a little. Tried to go over the limit several other times for training purposes but they were weak efforts. I just don't have that mental toughness to walk into the path of a bus like that. I'd make some accelerations then settle back into steady state. I am pretty pleased that I can recover back to a good solid pace.

Tire pressure was too high. (35 Stans. try 30 next time) I take back what I said about the road not being rough. It is rough. Not as rough as last year but it's not smooth.

Overall time was just about 3 minutes faster today. It wasn't as hot as before.
Here are some split time comparisons:
See this map for where the splits were taken

Start to beginning of the dirt
HT:13:58 FS: 14:58

Start of dirt to right hand turn onto Gravel road
HT: 35:30 FS:36:37

Last gravel road section to finish
HT: 11:03 FS:11:15

HT:1:00:30 FS:1:02:51

Results from last year: (on rigid hardtail and different course)

The time comparison on the last section really surprises me. Because I 'thought' that I was going much better on the hardtail today than with the FS. But reality shows just a 12 second advantage. This section is so steep that there is just one speed I think I'm capable of on it.

I'm thinking that in the race situation riding with a group is good for at least another minute or two off the first section.

Changed set back to -60mm. It had been -50mm. This worked ok on the steep sections. But didn't feel as good elswhere. Going to split the difference and go to -55mm.

Used heavy front wheel on HT run. Next run will use race front wheel.

Rough ride down. Much funner on the FS going down. Lost my tube that was under my saddle.

Still think the track is slower than last year with the new crushed asphalt.

Haven't used sport legs on either run. I will test it out soon and will take 5 pills at -30minutes. This will kick in at +30 into the ride and stay with me through the finish.


At 7:26 AM, Blogger Skmeetz said...

Yea, the crushed gravel is waaay slower! That stuff sucks. I rode it last night and was swearing every time I hit one of those freshly graveled sections. No fun. Hey, I'm with you on the saddle position thing. I've dropped mine an inch and moved it back about the same.

At 8:12 AM, Blogger ashwinearl said...

There's a bunch of new thoughts re saddle height/fore/aft. Some poeple are leaning towards the high and forward trend that came from Tri guys.

I think my setback was maybe a tad too far back this time so I'm going to move it forward 5mm.

moving the saddle back on the rails effectively raises saddleheight, while moving it forward on the rail lowers saddle height. I've been moving it on the rails but not changing the actual height of the seatpost.

At 7:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Aswin,
What is weight of two test bikes?
I wonder if that makes the final difference in times?

I have a steel hardtail that weights about two pounds less than the Azure. It also has v-brakes, so even with average wheels it feels light. Only drawback is the 70mm fork is a bit harsh compared to 100mm.

At 7:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops, typo on your name.


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