Thursday, August 16, 2007

The bible is back on the shelves

The book is for sale again. It was out of print for a little bit with the used ones priced at $60-$100+

Said it before, say it again. It's a good read. The book does NOT present a cookie cutter training plan that you can just plug/play. But it does introduce the concepts that have helped me a lot in training on limited time. It does take effort to take the book and develop a training plan. Some people want a book to present them with a packaged training program so be aware this aint it.

The general concepts of block training and the periodized approach that Dave presents are fairly unique among what else is out there. See my primer on how I've applied his philosophies here. This also includes a cut/paste archive from the MTBDOC at MTBR who introduced a lot of us to Morris concepts several years ago. There is a lot of info on how he applied the methods specifically to mountain bike racing.


At 7:53 AM, Blogger spokejunky said...

This is good stuff. Dave and Jack(MTBDOC) have both been my coaches and they deliver.


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