Saturday, September 08, 2007

training under duress

This week has been difficult training. Not so much because the rides are any longer or more difficult than usual or at a higher volume, but because I'm on the backside of a strong week last week. I did a great block of 3 days last weekend and I'm definitely still on the mend.

Combine that with just not eating right and it creates a situation where training rides are tough. Especially with the strong rides as the reference point.

On Wed was unable to complete my interval ride and only finished 3/4 of it.

On Thursday I went for a 1hr hard mtb ride. 1hr no big deal, races are 3 hrs. I can do 1 hr. I went at lunch and had eaten in the morning but missed the early snack and then didn't want to eat right before riding.

About 40 mins into it I just shut down. Not the kind of pink spots/white elephant bonk but just no gas in the tank and no legs kind of shut down.

And today, Sat I got in a longer hard road ride. Tried to eat right this morning but just didn't have the stomach to really load up. Hitting it hard, but really didn't have the legs. Just died on the last climb into town. Again just out of juice. Though I was unable to do simple math or comprehend my wife discussing scheduling (soccer practice, martial arts, curriculum night, school picnic...etc) upon arriving home.

Tomorrow will be a shorter mtn bike ride and then it looks like a rest week to recharge.

I don't feel that I'm venturing into the overtraining realm. If I kept this up for another week than maybe, and if I forced myself to finish interval workouts to completion when I know that I am just not going to put the power out than yeah. But I've got so much rest built into the program that I'm not worried.

It's more of a mental type of training effect right now as much as a physical one during these rides. It's about pain tolerance and motivation and knowing that you can get through and willfully making it hurt. This is something I need to work on and just keep trying. But it's not a natural talent like some people have. I've got friends that just won't let a wheel go no matter what regardless of their fitness.


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