Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kudus to Ken's Bike (KCNC)

I had posted about my seatpost with a bent part a few weeks agoP1010016

The Seatpost is a KCNC post. KCNC Which stands for Ken's Bike ... makes the best value in weight weenie parts around. They are up there with Ritchey WCS in terms of bang for the buck when looking at weight and cost. I almost got their crankset.

I'd bent a piece on my seatpost from a combination of heavy handed wrenching and putting it in wrong. Ti bolts can creak and my solution was to wrench it tighter.

The community aspect of the Internet shone through when a reader of the BLOG from overseas told me that I need to replace the pin as it might break. He was a dealer and he'd see if he could get me the part. He didn't have the part so he forwarded the issue to KCNC in Taiwan. They emailed me and confirmed the exact part and sent it to me no charge for the part or shipping.

Not the typical customer service you'd expect from an overseas part maker. So now I've got my part and know the proper direction and the proper torque.


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