Saturday, February 17, 2007

transitioning from rest

Plan called for 2 days off: 1 day easy + 1 day zone 2.

Made it 2 days completely off the bike due to work circumstances and the need for some mental rest from training as well. Instead of jumping back into the intervals today I opted for another day of active rest.

Zone 2 on the trainer with some 5x1 on 2 off. I knew from experience that to go right back into intervals would be a wash and more of a mental negative. It takes time for the legs to get back underneath me after rest. I just have to accept that there is a time lag before the benefits of rest kick in.

Sure enough those 5x1s I did felt hard and the legs complained and they were even done at 10W lower than what I'd been doing them last week. No problem. After the first day back of intervals I should be going strong. But I bet the first set tomorrow is going to hurt.

Of more concern is that my trainer isn't holding its calibration. I calibrated at the start then 30mins in rechecked and it was at -2. I'm going to move the rear tire to the front and the front to the rear to see if that helps.


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