Wednesday, February 14, 2007

calibration issues and need for a break

After last night's late night raid on the trainer, I had trouble sleeping. Exercising late and eating late probably isn't a good thing for sleep patterns.

This morning was one more day before a break. 4sets of 8x1min on 1 min off with 5 mins rest. That is 32 individual intervals. I believe that I'm at the upper end of my tolerance in terms of sheer quantity of intervals. Next year I'm not going to increase the volume any more. Yesterday's workout had higher total work but they were 3 minute intervals so there was less quantity. There is something about looking at 8 reps x 4 times that just takes the wind out of my sails a little. A sure sign that a mental break is needed.

I followed the typical warmup of the Tacx and the calibration steps I do every ride and proceeded to do the intervals. They felt surprisingly easy. After 2 sets I stopped and went through the calibration routine again and it came up at -2.

Negative values in the calibration routine mean you need to turn the knob counter clockwise which adds more resistance (it's backwards of the direction you think you need to) It took several times to get the cal to 0 out. When I tried the intervals again I had to drop by 10w to do them.

I'm a little concerned because the whole point of a calibration routine is that you can have some trust in the unit. My rear tire is very worn from the trainer and am thinking that it might be introducing some variance in to the calibration. Regardless, my numbers may be off a little I've been going more by if I can do the workouts or not rather than by the pure #.

In the last set I was getting late for a meeting so just ramped it up super high for 1 interval and bogged it and got off.

2 days rest now. And I might take some more for good measure. My friend gently reminded me how important rest is during this time, especially when outside stresses add up in your life. I'm going to heed this same advice that I give to many others and rest.


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