Thursday, February 08, 2007

A cold feet tip

Just read this in the weekly newslett from

It's a tip for cold feet. I'm gonna try this one out.

Comment: Cold winter rides are bearable for me if my feet are warm. I've never liked hot packs under my shoe covers. For me the best foot warmers are heavy wool socks between my cycling shoes and shoe covers. Kathy Kirk, wife of Axel Kleat and a former Michigan time trial champion, knit me a pair of what she calls "Toe Cozies" from felted wool. You can make your own. Find a pair of heavy wool ragg mountaineering socks at an outdoor store. Cut them off so they cover your foot to just past the instep. Then cut holes for your cleats. You'll probably need shoe covers a size larger than normal. Kathy's Cozies keep my dogs warm in temperatures down into the teens (around -10C).


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