Saturday, February 03, 2007

wishful thinking vs visualization

The trainer sessions are hard. The fatigue is starting to build up a little. Motivation is hard to muster concentration is difficult to maintain. Just 2 mins. 2minutes of pure focus and it's difficult to even do that.

When your mind is like a hamster in a cage
always bopping around from one thing to another it's hard to concentrate for even 1 minute. Work, home, front derailleur issues....

I can just feel the intervals get harder with each lapse in concentration. I just bogged down on a couple of the intervals due to lack of focus and mental will. The power setting chosen at first for today was just too hard further into the intervals and I dropped it down. But I was thinking it should be higher. The power is what it is. It doesn't matter just do the hardest that you can do for the entire workout.. Gotta remember that.

Today was 2sets of 7x2on 2off with 5 mins rest/set. This is what creates the foundation for confidence at a race.

I find myself falling into the trap of spending too much time on wishful thinking..with regards to my racing as well as life in general. Visualizing myself riding strong.

However very rarely does anything you want to happen ever occur without a lot of consistent effort. Wishing to race well and wishing to get on the podium just is not going to cut it. Confidence is built upon hard work. But it's tough to go hard.

Visualization is a good tool for things like skills, cornering, technical riding. But for going hard it about one pedal stroke in front of another. One day to the next.

Cheers to another workout checked off. Tomorrow's another day.


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