Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Review Performance Triflex Tights

I'm prompted to write this review given the fact that these tights are on sale right now for 1/2 price.

When it's cold and especially on the road bike. Windproofing is just key. For cycling the windproofing needs to be primarily on the front with more breathable material on the rear.

There are plenty of wind proof tights to choose from including PI, Giordana, Adidas, Assos, etc. And they are also expensive with prices ranging from $150-$300+ From a value perspective the Performance Triflex's (even at full price) are very good, and at 1/2 price ($35) it's just amazing.

The front material is windproof and it's thick. The rear is more breathable material. This front material (whatever it is) does NOT stretch much. So putting on the tights initially is difficult. Especially if you have hulkamania quads like I do. I imagine the process is quite like putting on women's fashion jeans.

Once I get them on, they do feel pretty tight intially . However, on the bike this feeling goes away quickly. The front fabric is also noisy when you are walking around the house getting ready.

I like no chamois for tights so I can wear them several times before washing and cause you never know what the chamois is going to be like. You can get these with or without a pad. There is an ankle zipper. Some people like them some don't.

These are warm. Very warm. Maybe too warm for mountain biking unless it is 35 or less. Or it's really windy. For the road, I'll wear them if it is sub 40. And they've been great into the 20s. I'm, sure they could go lower but my fingers and toes can't. If it's windy at all I'll pull them out.

Before these tights, the whole front of my body would be lobster red after a ride. I've layered other tights with knee warmers before but that didn't help the crown jewels or the front of the legs at all.

They may not be the most comfortable compared to the high end brands. But at this price that's ok. They work very well for those cold/windy days (Yes I know 'cold is relative' for you midwesterners and northerners who laugh at our 'cold'). I'm all about the value!


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