Thursday, February 01, 2007

harder day today

The intervals felt a little harder today on the 2nd day of the block
2set of 9x1 on 2 off. The xtra minute of rest allowed me to perform them at the same or higher power as yesterday.

The last 4 or 5 were really hard.

Though it's funny, my legs don't hurt that much when walking around or walking up stairs. And I'm a little tired but not too much.

I caught a head cold from my son. No fever, aches or sore throat but congestion. Not that this is any different than most days. But I'm really congested now. The only thing that was helping was Mucinex and that isn't doing squat right now so I know something is up.

Tomorrow is an easy day than comes a 3 day block.

I'll still be working on shorter duration intervals 1-2 minutes. These workouts are based on the plan that Dave Morris wrote for me. I think that for developing riders he likes to focus on shorter duration intervals during the first part of this period. Maybe next year I might start focusing on a little longer intervals like 4 min-2 min during the first part of this phase.


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