Friday, February 09, 2007

3 day block wrapup

Just finished a 3 day block. Here's the recap:

Day 1: 2sets x 8reps x 2min on 2min off at 300 W (calibrated at 56kg)
Total Work: 32mins

Day 2: 3 x 9 x 1min on 1 min off at 330W/56kg
Total Work : 27min

Day 3: 2 x 7 x 1 min on 2 min off at 340W/56kg.
Total work: 14mins but at higher wattage than yesterday.

This was a great litimus test for my current fitness and a confidence boost. A couple of things stand out to me in comparing this effort to years past.

1) While I may have failed a few individual reps, I did not bag any of the workouts and haven't since starting this SMSP phase. In the past I've just been blown during some workouts and wisely stopped them mid way. This year I seem better prepared to work through the entire workout

2) On Day 3: I saw that the duration of intervals dropped a lot, and also there was twice the rest as per rep. So I made a decision to up the wattage and see what would happen. Just barely, I was able to make it (a few failed). That is the beauty of power vs heartrate. Heart rate would have indicated that I was tired and should rest. But here on the third day I was able to sustain a higher wattage for the same 1min interval.

3)I'm at a higher power output compared to last year. The Taxc only has 10W resolution but some of these intervals have been done at 10W higher than last year.

I've been hurtin' for certain but not as blown up as in previous years. This last week I was nauseaous afterwards and just slammed an Ensure and had to wait for breakfast till later. I've also been EATING a ton. No dieting right now. Hungry? Eat. Eat right after. Eat 2hrs later. Eat big lunch. eat again, eat big dinner.

I'm eating more than if I'd done a 3 hr road ride and these workouts are only 50mins-1hr. I'm also NOT eating anything prior to the workout.

Get up. Slam coffee. Get on trainer. Drink Energy drink immediately from the first pedal stroke.
I've learned that unless I've got 2hrs to let my blood sugar settle than it isn't worth eating prior to the workout otherwise I'll get exercised induced bonk for sure.

I've also got to thank my wife for being understanding. Even with short workouts. It's still hard in the MWC/FTJ environment. We tradeoff working out in the morning and getting the kids ready for school. Then I barely have time to shower (skipped shaving a few times) and am out the door to work. And she's sick too.

I can't imagine if I was doing anything more than sub 1hr trainer rides. How do those guys put in 2hr-3hr rides. Evening time is so hard. It's the witching hour come 5pm.

It's time for a 3day rest block. Then start again. I was contemplating doing a 5-7day rest but now that it seems that I'm running pretty well I'm not so sure I need it. But next week is a hell week of work so may be forced to take the rest next week.


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