Thursday, February 22, 2007


As a dog.

Yesterday I just got worse and worse. The last few weeks my congestion level has gotten worse again and my son had been sick. It is no surprise that it got even worse last night, combined with creeping crud, aches/chills and a nose that just started to drip like faucet. This cold has just been waiting for an opportunity to pounce.

Needless to say today's workout, the last of the SMSP phase has been scratched. In fact I took some sick leave and came to lay in bed. Can't even remember the last time I did that.

In the grand scheme of things this cold comes at a perfect time. 5 day rest period prior to transitioning into the MSP phase. Though it obviously sucks to have your head feel like it's going to explode while at the same time incapable of swallowing because the congestion creates a negative pressure in ths sinuses.

I hope that the fever breaks soon and I start to dry up. If the cold is just in my head and there are no chills/aches then it seems to help to train some. I'd like to get some 1hr easy rides in and some 5x1 SMSP in to keep the legs from turning to wood.


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