Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Today was one for the books.

5 reps of 4 min on 4 off
5 reps of 3 min on 3 off
5 reps of 2 min on 2 off

1:45+ on the trainer.

It went pretty well. The 4 minute ones were hard and my legs were definitely worked. I tried to go higher power on the 3 minute ones but could not do it for all 5 reps so dropped power down.

The two minute ones were done at higher power but not by much. Just barely made the last few and I was talking to myself the whole last set to just make it through.

Recently I'd been working with 9 year veteran of the NFL, Superbowl and everything. He was telling me some of his mental toughness philosophies. One of them was just accomplishing things on pure will. Which was what those last few reps were like.

the other one I found intriguing was the idea of making the edge routine. What he meant by that is taking those things that put you to your limit and making them routine.

This training does that. It makes being on the edge seem routine.

Regardless, I'm cooked. The whole day has been a blur and have been eating constantly. I've had bad congestion for the past few days and now it feels more like a cold. Tomorrow's workout may get bagged and the rest week start a little earlier.

But I'm really happy to have made it through this workout. It's definitely the edge of my tolerance. Time wise it wasn't too bad actually because the actual quantity of intervals was not high, the volume was but it's the # of reps that mentally wears me down.

5 sets of 8 reps of x1 is much harder mentally than what I did today.


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