Tuesday, September 05, 2006

growing old before my time

I'm going to try out some Ensure

Specifically for the high carb content to help reach the target goal of 5g/kg body weight during a pre race meal.

A bottle of Ensure+ has 50g of carbs. I was really concerned because I am lactose intolerant. So things like Slim fast of carnation instant breakfast don't work for me. Ensure has a cool online chat. System. I logged on and got the low down in a few minutes.
The following Ensure® products are lactose-free: Ensure®, Ensure® Fiber, Ensure® High Calcium, Ensure® High Protein, Ensure® Plus, Ensure® Plus HN, and Ensure® Powder (if not mixed with milk).

Ensure® Pudding is not lactose-free. Ensure Pudding contains 5 g of lactose per serving.

All of our Ensure products contain some milk ingredients in the form of milk protein, but they do not contain lactose (milk sugar).

So I'm going to get some an test it out. Tomorrow morning is a tough trainer workout and this Sunday is a potential race. I really want to get the pre race meal dialed out and the in-race energy drink system fixed before the Douthat race on Sept 17th. That basically means I have this weekend to figure it out.


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