Saturday, September 30, 2006

Food Log: 9/30/2006 Saturday


Waffles -80g
Syrup - 53g
Soy sausages - 3g
Soymilk 8g

*Talk about a sugar spike. Was lightheaded afterwards for an hour

3/4 cliff bar - 30g
yogurt - 30g

Power Bar drink 2.5scoops 42g
12:30- Ensure 40g

1:30 ride 1:20
On ride Power Bar drink 42g
felt fine no lightheadedness.

Waffle with PBJ - 50g
popcorn - 16g
Mini bagel w/cream cheese 24g

5pm: Banana-29g

Bread - 48g
Mashed Potatoes - 42g
Pasta (w/soy crumbles)- 84g

Daily total:
605 (10.3g/kg) *recommended upper limit is 10g/kg as more than this does not seem to increase muscle/liver glycogen levels.

breakfast was a sugar bomb, but laying around the house dizzy is ok.
-80g in the hour before riding was good. Did not lead to reactive hypoglycemia. Started drinking energy drink immediately on the ride and felt fine.

- Typically after a dinner of pasta and bread I'm hungry a few hours later and need a snack. Didn't have that hunger pang tonight. Mashed potatoes was new tonight, don't usually have that. Wonder if that helped? Or if I just ate so much all day that I'm full.


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