Friday, September 22, 2006


Did a road ride today. Man I tell you I LOVE that road bike.


From work, down Ellet to valley

-Deercroft to Nellies Cave to the top (1point)
-Back down to Woodland hills horshoe (1/2point)
-Up Harding 13:28 (white start line to end line) (1point)
-rode easiest gear a lot and spun, just tried to ride consistent
-Partway down Harding to Happy Hollow (1/2point)
-Up Preston Forest (1point)
-Down pearman to the Preston Forest road by recycling station (1point)
-Old Brush to the top (1point)
-down to the newer section of Brush mtn estates (1/2 point)
Total: 6.5

Limited by food. Was bonking definitely trying to get back to work. Just tried to ride consitently up the hills.

If I went back down to the valley and Up Jennelle then over to Oil well I can get up to 8.5 points


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