Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nutrition notes from last race

Pre race meal
started at 6:30 finished by 8am, Race start noon

Ensure 50g
Cereal Grape nuts trail mix 1 cup 74g
Soy milk 8g
English muffin 27g
Natural Peanut Butter - 6g
Yogurt 34
1/2 cup grape nuts 37
Antother Ensure 50g


During race
60oz of Gatorade. Mixed at 1 3/4 scoops / 20oz

Target of 3 swigs at 5 min intervals. Missed several of the intervals but still finished 60oz by 2:20.

1-20oz bottle of pure water, drank about 1/2 of it.

Didn't bonk , though I did start to feel a lose of energy. Some burping, but no Over Carb feeling of sickly sweetness.

Very hungry empty stomach by the finish.

Ensure downed in 2 gulps for recovery.


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