Monday, September 11, 2006

Dealing with food labels

I've been looking at the labels more closely especially on engery drinks. Make sure to double check the serving size when checking out carb level of a drink.

Gatorade puts you on a little goose chase.
The label says a serving a tbsp and there are 13g/Tbsp.

But the jug comes with a scoop. There are 1.5 Tbsp/scoop
So there are really 19.5g/scoop

Also it is important to mix drinks between a 6-8% solution. Most things I've read agree that your body absorbs this range of solution best. To calculate the % solution:

Divide the grams/volume (in ml)

Typically energy drinks provide mixing directions based on 8oz of water. 8oz=240ml

I also did some measuring of how much water is in a 'swig' from my camel bak. Ok picture this. I've got my camel bak on in the kitchen and a big measuring cup that has gradations every two oz. I take swig and spit it into the cup. I measured about 5 swigs/2oz, so 50 swigs/20oz

Monique Ryan's book says the fluids are cleared faster when you have a higher volume in the stomach, so it's better to gulp rather than sip. I was thinking of setting a timer for 5minutes, and taking 4 swigs/5minutes. I'd also bring water in a bottle or two and take some when convenient.


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