Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Interesting diet observations and consipracy theories

So more than a month ago I had a case of OC (over carb) in a race, and suffered that sickly sweet feeling that permeates your entire body. Bloating, burping, and unable to stomach hardly anything besides grease/fat for hours after the race.

The very next day I eliminated junk food from my diet. Cold turkey. For the next week my stomach was in turmoil during the adjustment. I was highly sensitive to even natural foods with high fructose content such as fig newtons and dried fruit. In addition, drinks like HEED that containg xylitol a sugar alchohol caused immediate bloating and stomach stress.

After that adjustment week I had no issues. No cases of stomach bloating and excessive burpiness. I still intake a large amount of carbohydrates as necessary to be a cyclist. Gatorade and Power Bar endurance drink have not caused issues under high intensity riding though I have been keeping the carbohydrate intake to 40g/hr or less.

But tonight, I just had to go and screw it all up. There were some mixed dried fruits in the cupboard. The cool polygon shapes of papaya and pineapple. I only had like 3 freaking pieces. Sure enough, my stomach has been bloated and painful for 2 hours now.

In addition to men-in-black theories, I theorize that I am fructose intolerant or suffer from fructose malabsorption . I already know for sure I am lactose intolerant. But it never fails. High fructose foods such as fig newtons, dried fruit, apples yield the same results. Why it has taken me so long to really realize is beyond me.

My wife has a masters in nutrition. Yet she doesn't want to hear about my conspiracy theories. She was just wondering what the heck I was doing eating dried fruits. Ok I learned my lesson.

I got some Power Gels to test out. Only becase the form factor is easier to deal with than energy drinks. With no handoffs and up to a 3 hr race that's going to be 3 bottles I'll need. 2 gels can take the place of one of the bottles. But I just checked the ingredients and they contain maltodextrin and fructose. I've been staying away from Hammer gel which is just maltodextrin because it was involved in my OC episode.

We'll see how they go. If they don't work I might try Hammer Gel out again. I'm happy so far with the Powerbar drink but haven't used it in really high intensity race-sim yet.


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