Friday, September 29, 2006

Food Log 9/29/2006 Friday

Low Sugar Oatmeal - 24g
Yogurt 34g

10am Sweet/salty granola bar 19g

11: balance gold bar 22g
11:30 2 fig newtons 28g

rode bike down to Radio Shack

1:00 lean Cusine Panini -32g
felt tired/light headed after eating this
2:20 PBJ-43g

4:00 Ensure 40g

4:45 Banana - 29g

7:00 3 Pieces Pizza -90g

Daily Total:
361 (6.3 g/kg)

-2 fig newtons did not cause stomach bloating. Fig newtons have caused bloating when I eat too many.

-Didn't feel that good for most of the day, after the frozen Panini sandwich I felt pretty tired and sort of lightheaded. Didn't feel better till after the ensure at 4pm, felt pretty good after the banana all the way till Pizza later.


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