Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Why results are not a good goal

When you ask people what their goals are for the season, invariably results will be mentioned. Top ten, top 3, top 10% etc.

The problem with choosing results as goals is there are TOTALLY out of your control. The reason is because you have NO control over who else shows up to the race, how good they are, or how bad they want it.

Take this for example.

Here are results for last years Hoo Ha.
2005 Hoo Ha

I am pretty sure the course is identical. Jeremiah had the same time from last year
2006 Results

My time this year would have won last year. In fact the top 11 from 2006 in Vet sport would have beat the 1st place from 2005.

Vet sport class got a lot faster compared to last year.

Remember, goals should be controlable. And there is always someone who is working harder. The next time you set a goal based on results remember that he/she might be showing up to that race.


At 8:17 AM, Blogger Matt said...

Great blog! Keep up the great work and wow - I can't believe I turned down a chance to go to Blacksburg because I though the riding would suffer. Looks like you have the oppportunity.

Results? Yeah I do endurance events as I'm not really interested in seeing where I place in small, arbitrary categories. Although my wife has done well with that system - she carves out the "wins". I just like meeting a challnege I set for myself.


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