Friday, June 02, 2006

A new Modus Operandi for racing

I'm going to try a new M.O. for this next race on Sunday.

In the past my M.O. has been balls to the walls from the get go. Sprint start as is customary for mtb racing and then go.go.go.

It's a race after all, isn't it. With a race it seems to be a given that you go as hard as you can. Explore the limits of your mental and physical strength/toughness. That's what a race is all about.

The past few years, my fitness has improved a lot especially at the top end. In the past I never was able to hang with the front group. However, I now am able to stay competetive with some of the leaders. The problem has been that I can't last at this pace. Invariably, I'll cramp. My average speed plummets and I end the race in survival mode. Though I'm not sure what is worse, finishing in survival mode, or finishing wishing that you'd gone harder?

On one hand this MO hasn't prooved to be half bad. I've gotten some good finishes. Yet, some of my best finshes have been where I didn't cramp, and didn't go totally all out. In one race, it was a mass start so I had no clue where those in my class were. Rather than racing against a vet sport jersey I raced my own race.

In another race, I actually was disappointed that I didn't ride myself into the ground, and I got my best finish of that series.

This race on Sunday is a tough one. Technically challenging and a meat grinder course, with no recovery.

I'm going to experiment with a new MO

-sprint start.
-2minutes all out to solidify position
-Bring the intensity down to a tolerable level. In control. Comfortably sustainable.
-Wait till the tech single track
-then start pushing it harder
-hold this till the finish.

The hardest part is going to be trying to hold back during the first part of the race. It is so easy to get jacked up and just spend all your cash early on.

I might no finish as well as when I go all out. But then again I might do better.
Since I only race a few times, it means having to experiment with an important one. But that's the only way to figure it out. There is no way to simulate race conditions.

In a race later in August that is a lap race. The Sport race is fairly short like 1-1.5hrs. I might try the expert class for training purposes. In Dave's workout he said:
-Race expert class for, go as hard as you can for 2hrs. Then do whatever it takes to finish.
Hmmm, sounds familiar.

That's what is considered an investment race. Meaning you pay INTO the account without care for the result. Sort of like the Giro for those Tour contenders.

This Sunday is considered a race for the best result.


At 12:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck at the race!

At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Nick Crvich said...

Ashwin, what race are you doing?


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