Monday, May 29, 2006

Mountain Bike Madness

Every year for more than 14 years Brian has set up a Mountain Bike Madness weekend. Basically ride Friday night, Saturday morning, afternoon, night, Sunday morning, then take off. His brother, Doug, Mikey, Scott, and many others over the years come in from all over. We used to go to Tsali, lately it has been in Blacksburg.

With family and all, I haven't been able to participate too much the last few years. This year I got in one ride and even hung out for dinner which I haven't done in more than 7 years.

The ride I hooked up with was on Price's mountain where Brian lives. It is an interesting mountain. Part private land, part owned by VT it has no real use. The soil is crap and the timber is poor so VT just manages it the best they can. They tried to get some homes built on it a few years ago but I think that stalled.

It had some singletrack that got overgrown easily, then the four wheelers came out. And actually made some nice trails. Lots of big berms. It's a sketchy place. And it's all overgrown now. If someone says, "when you get to the washing machine on the side of the trail, better slow down because it gets slick." You know it is sketch. Lots of chatter in the trails, loose shale, skree piles, forearm sized 'twigs' those 2-3' long twigs that one person rides over that then get ejected out there wheel and head towards you like a spear. Fun place. Nice to do something different. Riding out there will give you skills for sure.

Oh, it is also hard. Either straight up or down. Not a whole lot of in between.

When you are out there you either expect to find a hidden still or some drunk locals on ATV's. If I got hassled, I'd just say I was with Captain America

They had already done several hours on Brush mtn earlier in the day, and were sacked out playing Xbox when I got to his house. That stuff is fun. They get together once a week online and play. Maybe this could help supplement my poor social schedule.

We only covered like 6 miles, but it was a hard 6 miles. The climbs are really steep and loose. Brian has the best climbing style of anyone I know. Perfect balance between keeping the front planted and the rear under traction. Made me wish for the 80mm on the front.

It was really great to get out with those guys. Been riding with them for a long time. It's also nice to be in a position to dish it out a little instead of getting dished.


At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Brian said...

Ash, a great time was had by all. Glad you could make it this year.

Oh yeah, it was more like 9+ miles on price, we almost killed Captain America, and we'll have a rematch soon!



At 7:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ash can you send the pictures to me. thanks. Great to ride with you. Also loved the pictures of you and Ansel.


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