Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ibis Mojo review and some personal commentary.

There is a review of the Ibis Carbon Mojo at MBA

The Ibis group selected the DW-Link for their suspension chassis.

Ibis is one of those select companies in the mountain bike world that has a truly cultish following. Their steel and ti bikes still command some serious $ on the used market. They closed up shop several years ago but have been resurrected. They brought back the original founder, Scot Nicol to help and be a spiritual leader.

Interestingly, and to the dismay of many, they did not bring back their original steel or Ti frames, but instead went the route of overseas carbon. They are offering two models only.

Mojo: 5.5" Full suspension trail bike.
Silk: Carbon road bike.

From all indications, the carbon is somewhat unique and not just an oem'ed frame out of a Taiwanese carbon catalog.

Their choice of the DW-link for their suspension chassis says a lot w/o saying the words. The fact that a resurrection of this magnitude with a name like Ibis chose the DW-link means that someone important has a lot of faith in this linkage.

Independent Fab also chose the DW-link for their only FS steed: the Tungsten Electrode

Again, a small boutique maker with major reputation places their only FS bike in the hands of DW. However the Tungsten electrode has a price tage of $4k for the frame alone. It is priced so far into the stratosphere that it isn't going to register on the map. So DW isn't going to get too much kudos from that frame, I wouldn't believe.

But the Mojo has created sooo much buzz since it's debut at Interbike that DW-link is going to get some major cachet from it.

#1 it has the name of Ibis
#2 it looks cool
#3 it is a perfectly marketed bike. Trail bike but with some XC manners. It's the kind of bike that a ton of people are moving towards. They ride a lot, they climb, but they like to go downhill
#4 it's a full carbon mountain bike that isn't pure XC
#5 they are only built in small batches that are currently pre-sold before they've been built. So exclusivity is already built in.
#6 it's light for a trail bike. 5.5lbs

Iron Horse deserves some major kudos for putting their investment in the DW-link early on. IH has this reputation as being a cookie cutter value line from overseas. Sort of like Fuji, KHS, etc.. Their DW-link bikes have started to change that a little, but they rarely seem to have the cachet of Specialized, Santa Cruz, Turner, etc.

It's kinda been our litte secret at the IH mtbr forums how specatacular the DW-link is.

I imagine that as the Mojo starts shipping more and all the mags start posting their reviews of them and the Bloggers get their hands on it, that IH will start to get a tad more respect. Though their DW-link trail bike the MKIII will then get the billing as a poor-mans Mojo, or the Mojo that one can actually get their hands on.


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