Thursday, May 18, 2006

Notes to self

using HRM during races:
-too many variables to make it useful. Just becomes one more thing that you don't need to be focused on

MTB races are rarely at MSPO. Unless there is a long sustained climb. More often the pace is efforts high above MSPO followed by short periods of well below. Need to train body to be able to handle the peaks above MSPO and to recover back down to MSPO.

Mental toughness
-take away the negative connotation of working hard and the pain. Rather than an obligation see it is an opportunity to catch someone, close a gap, work harder today in order to race better later

-Regular Gatorade is fine for energy drink. Most important thing is upset stomach and taste. Tastes good you'll drink it.
For recovery the carbohydrate replacement is more important than protein. If you can tolerate milk, Carnation instant breakfast.
Even koolaid, gatorade, etc. As long as it is properly mixed to contain the glycogen replacement and has the calories.

-adding intensity vs adding volume.
Good thing to increase volume of intervals even if the actual intensity isn't higher than last year. This will help with finishing stronger at the end of races.


At 8:39 AM, Blogger Warren Schimizzi said...


Don't forget the most important thing of all...HAVE FUN! You'll never have a bad race if your #1 goal is to have a blast.


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