Sunday, May 21, 2006

NRVBA Time Trial

The New River Valley Bike Club held a little time trial today. My wife signed us up with a family membership. She does some of their road rides, but this is the first thing I've done with them in a long while. It was great that Ed set this up. They had signs, and timers, and numbers even.

The club is mainly made up of event riders (centuries, etc) so they only had 7 people sign up. But that doesn't mean they are slow, there are some fast people who can go for miles and miles in that club. I'm sure when others here how 'fun' they can be they'll get more.

4.2 miles. Starting .2miles on Luster's Gate Road from Harding. Turn right on Deercroft. Finish is 1.4miles from the start of Deercroft. Lusters Gate is a flat road. Probably one of the flattest in town, with a few small rollers. Deercroft is a great climb with 3 steps in it.

My time was 14:18. Another guy had 14:06 and another smoked it with 13:37. Couldn't remember the other times.

My goodness that hurt. I've never had a lot of horsepower on the flats given my size. Though that didn't stop James who is about my size from flying.

I cooked myself on the climb, and couldn't roll over the crests with any gas. At the finish you could smell the smoke from my legs. I wanted to hurl so bad. I was so out of it, that when I rode home I totally forgot to swing by this park that my family was going to meet me at. I rode straight home and didn't remember till I pulled into the garage and saw that my wife's vehicle was gone.

Ugh. Any hard training is good training, I guess. It just seems that I don't have very good ecomomy or efficiency on the road bike as compared to the mountain bike. My road climbing has seemed nearly as strong as my mountain bike climbing.


At 2:20 PM, Blogger Keith said...

Sounds like a cool little race. I'm curious about how this TT was run. Was it out on an open road, park road, etc? I'm just thinking it would suck if somebodies run got screwed up by car traffic.

At 2:22 PM, Blogger ashwinearl said...

Open road
No traffic control
Riders are responsible to ride safely.

Just an informal thing. Lots of fun.


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