Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Counting carbs

I know the importance of carbs. Before, during and after racing. But I never really sat down and calculated what I need based on my body weight. This subject is still highly debated but this is what I'm trying to follow:

This is what I found

3-4 hrs before a race 3-5g/kg body weight
Need to be finished eating 3 hrs prior to event
supplement some solid with liquid
stay away from fiber and too much fat. Add some protein.

1hr before
60g (too little and I'll get a sugar spike and get light headed) Start 1hr before aim to finish at least 15 mins before - liquid Gatorade already mixed not powder)

During a race 30-60gms/hr.

*Though recently I read that the stomach can only absorb 50g/hr and anymore than that will cause stomach distress.

After event
1.25g/kg body weight within first 45 minutes

1g/kg every two hours for 6 hours event


At 10:54 AM, Blogger Keith said...

If you haven't discovered already, I'd recommend staying away from high-fiber foods as part of your pre-race meal. I did it once and got terrible stomach cramps. I did some research later and found out that this is common.


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