Sunday, June 04, 2006

Notes to self:

Race start 11:00

Breakfast, PBJ (natural peanut butter, wheat bread)
Naproxen - Back still hurt during race, need Wingnut water pack that sits lower on back.

8:00 Balance Gold Bar. Last solid food. 3 hrs before race start
Drinking some water on the way up

9:45 - 32oz Gatorade bottle, split into two. Slammed 1st part upon arrival, finshed second part during warmup

1.25 Hammer gel flasks during race
1/4 of a Balance gold bar. at 1hr
1small water bottle (2 scoops Gatorade) If could have gotten a handoff for another bottle it would have been good.
70oz Camel back, looks like 20oz left over after 2.5hrs.


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