Thursday, March 02, 2006

Weight weenie dreamin'

Gonna go on an ebay selling binge in a few months. Paypal burns holes in pockets. Thinking of how to burn it slowly.

1st on the List
XO twisties

I think the XO trigger on the right and XO twist on the left would probably be the ultimate combo, but I still enjoy the twist shifters alot. I have switched from the halfpipes to regular X9s right now, but for some weight savings, a small performance upgrade and the bling it's only XO

XO rear deraileur

Not just a light pretty face. This is probably going to be the biggest performance upgrade per/gram of savings. I've heard nothing but raves about the XO rear der. It's time. I deserve it.

Sram PG990 Cassette

Not sure yet, depends on how the price out over the next few months

Either a ti-spindle BB

I had to get a longer square taper BB to get my shifting right on the Hollowpoint, and just to tide me over I got a boat anchor Tange that works quite well. But I am either thinking of getting an Action tec Ti BB in the correct spindle and keeping my Race Face Compact Turbines and also getting

A ti small ring.

Maybe, maybe a ti middle ring, or some boutique brand like Specialities TA or something.

OR going for some carbon thingy like FSA pro carbon and some scandium ISIS bb. Dunno yet.

Some knockoff 959 Ti Pedals from Exustar

Supposedly as good as 959s but cheaper and lighter

Some Silicone grips

As much for their ability to work in the wet as for the weight. I like my Oury's but when cut down to work with twist shifters, they can slip. Also I'm not sure if I should go for a smaller diameter grip given my small hands.

Oh let's see. What else...
Lighter saddle? that is a tough one. gotta match the seat bones width. could asking for trouble.

Lighter seatpost. Maybe. thomson is a champ but maybe something else?

Just got a Minute 2 3.5lbs, haven't tried it yet though. Maybe an R7 but not sure if it's worth the .2 weight savings yet Need to give the Minute 2 a run down first.

OF course, I'll be keeping my eyes on the 2005 and 2006 closeouts towards the latter part of the year, when some big guys start blowing out any Azures. Because the common world just hasn't drunk the koolaid that I did. The trick is to buy the full bike at some incredible closeout, then sell all the parts as new takeoffs, and you are left with a frame at an incredible deal.


At 4:58 PM, Blogger Paul said...

Last weekend I got to ride a bike my buddy is testing that has the new X0 trigger shifter. That shifter is just too good. It was really smooth, responsive, and shifted fast.
It was paired with a X0 rear derailler too. Very nice.


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